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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Market Samurai Review

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Note: this post is intended for those who own at least one website or are into internet marketing. If that’s you, this could be one of the most important posts you’ll ever read, otherwise feel free to skip this post.

Market Samurai is quickly becoming my favorite internet marketing tool. I now use it everyday to check how well my websites are ranking and for getting ideas about new websites to create.

In the last years I’ve been using tens of different programs in my internet marketing journey, but what I like about this one is the complete set of features that it provides. But most of all, the thing that I appreciated the most is the fact that I can use Market Samurai for virtually every website that I own. For example I’m using it for checking ranking and competitions for this very blog.

If that wasn’t enough, market samurai works on all platforms.

Market Samurai Features

But what’s so special about this product that I’m even creating a resource page about it? Below is a quick list of its major features, so that you can judge for yourself:

  • Rank Tracker. This is a tool for checking how well you are ranking with your keywords, all in one place.
  • Keyword Research. After you’ve tried this keyword research tool, you’ll start to think that google keyword tool is from the paleolithic age.
  • Domains. This is a tool for searching new or expired domains around a particular keyword.
  • Monetization. Let’s say that you’re receiving traffic for a keyword but you don’t know how to monetize that traffic, this tool will find related products for you to promote. Awesome!
  • Find Content. If you’re creating a new website, this tool will find the most popular content around your keyword so that you can look at what’s currently hot around a term.
  • Publish Content. You can also publish content directly from this tool to many wordpress blogs.
  • Promotions. You know how hard it is to find backlink opportunities, this tool will help you to find related places to leave backlinks.
  • Adwords. This features is not yet released, but I’m sure it will be phenomenal.

Each of these features could be a great product itself. I’ll now try to explain in detail each of them below, but if you can’t wait to try it, you can download a free trial of market samurai here.

Market Samurai rank tracker tool

Rank tracker is a feature of Market Samurai that you can use to monitor how your websites are performing on various search engines for different keywords. The problem with doing this process manually is that google results are often personalized to your preferences so you may think you’re ranking well for a keyword when in reality you’re in the second page.

Having a tool like this it’s also a tremendous time saver. Let’s say you are checking rankings for 5 keywords in 3 different search engines. It would take a lot of time to do it manually, but with this tool the process is very quick.

I recorded a video below showing how I use the rank tracker for this website.
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Market Samurai keyword research tool

Before using Market Samurai, I used google analytics tool to do keyword research, but now that I know what I can do with this, well, I can’t think of going back anymore. Features at a glance:

  • Generate synonyms for a given keyword.
  • Add as many keywords as you like and see them all at once./
  • See keyword trends, seo value (this is totally awesome), competition, adwords data, and many other ranking factors, all from the same interface.

But don’t take my word for it, see the video below for an example of what you can do with this tool:

Market Samurai domains tool

The domains tool enables you to search for domain names related to a given keyword, but it doesn’t stop there, indeed you can also use it to search from a database of expiring or for sale domains that are already ranking well for a keyword.

Market Samurai monetization tool

Sometimes you’re receiving hundred of visitors per month for a given keyword, but you don’t know how to get some money out of that traffic. Market Samurai can help you find related products via Clickbank, Amazon, Commission Junction and PayDotCom. Not only that, you can also use it to generate dynamic ads for your website. Using the dynamic ads tool is especially useful when you don’t know which product would convert better yet and you want to try a few of those available.

Market Samurai find content tool

If you’re creating a mini site, chances are that you’ll need to do some research to find out the best articles already posted online. Doing this task manually requires a lot of time, because you have to check various websites like ezine articles and squidoo, and then analyze each page to see the ones more popular.

If you would have to do all of this manually, chances are that you’d give up pretty soon. Fortunately, you can let Market Samurai do the heavy work for you. Market samurai allows you to search for the best articles, videos and documents around a given topic, and then it analyze each page to see how popular it is.

Market Samurai publish content tool

If I have to be honest, I haven’t used this tool much. The reason is that I don’t use wordpress that much, but if I were, I would use this tool all days. Publish content allows you to easily publish to one or more wordpress websites directly within the application. It’s also full integrated with the Find Content tool, which you can use to edit articles and upload them right away.

Market Samurai promotions tool

Finding backlink opportunities is a tedious task. Finding related blogs or websites to leave your link requires a lot of time, but Market Samurai can help you by scanning the internet for backlink opportunities. You can then quickly check wherever there’s any no follow link in a given page directly from the app.

Market Samurai adwords tool

Coming soon…
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Market Samurai is the best tool available out there. If you own any kind of website, you’re probably losing traffic and money every day without a tool like this (personal experience), but you don’t have to make my mistake, download a copy of Market Samurai from here.

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